Trouble with your Single Leg Deadlift?


The ability to move from your hip joints is one of the most essential skills to master. Better hip function will improve athletic performance, prevent lower back pain and overall keep your body functioning well. In the movement world we call this movement a “Hip Hinge” or a “Deadlift.”  Exercises like Kettlebell Swings, Cleans and Snatches are all part of the Hinge family. In today’s post I want to highlight the single leg hip hinge or deadlift and how to optimize technique.

One of the best methods I have ever discovered for improving single hip function is by using a  foam roller wedged between your foot and your hand on the non-stance leg. The act of “pushing the foot” in back of your body automatically get you to hinge out of the hip on the stance leg.  The pushing of the foam roller activates your Latissimus Dorsi muscle, the only muscle in the body that connects the arm to the opposite leg. To put it simply; when you activate your lat you automatically put tension into the connective tissue (Thoraco-Lumbar Fascia)  that merges into the opposite gluteal muscles. This is important because that lat activation increases the stability of that hip and lumbar spine.



The video below highlights the drill. Enjoy and please share with people you think could benefit from this movement.

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