Isometric Crawl Position Drill


Becoming an adult hopefully brings more wisdom but unfortunately for many it  means less movement, less time playing and less time exploring movement on the ground. Strength coach Chip Conrad calls this “Adulticide,” and it symbolizes the death of our inner child or the part of our character and identity that loves to play.  I think this is sad.

The solution is get back down on the ground and explore movement again and to start playing games of all types. However, most adults to re-learn how to move on the ground and master the fundamentals of basic human development and locomotion. One of the most primitive movement patterns to add into your training is crawling.

Learning to crawl well will integrate both brain hemispheres and improve full body control and reflexive stability. Before you crawl try this isometric crawl position drill and see how introducing rotational forces into the trunk will challenge  you.  Focus on the following:

  1. Place hands directly underneath shoulders and place feet directly underneath knees.
  2. Keep a proud chest posture and do not round the back.
  3. Start with knees on the ground and lift one hand and opposite leg off floor.
  4. Progress to lifting both knees of the floor in the beginning and them lift opposing limbs off floor.
  5. Breathe into your belly through your nostrils and even though it is a challenge, maintain breathing throughout movement. Five to ten lifts per side is great to start of with. Keep the QUALITY HIGH!!



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