Mastering the Kettlebell Swing Part II


The Kettlebell Swing is a powerful exercise that not only burns fat, builds muscle and increases stamina, but it also help you function better in every way.  Here is the second TIP in perfecting your Kettlebell Swing:

TIP #2 Learn to Load the Hips with the Hike Pass


In the first tip we talked about the Deadlift is the foundational movement to master prior to performing the kettlebell swing. This second tip will teach you how load your hips to generate the necessary power to project the kettlebell forward.

  • Assume a slightly wider than Shoulder stance with the feet pointing forward (up to 20 degrees of toe out is acceptable if the hip or knee feel any discomfort)
  • The knees must track the toes at all times
  • With the Kettlebell about 18 inches in front of your feet, push your hips back and reach your arms down to grab the kettlebell handle.
  • Once you grab the handle tilt the kettlebell handle toward you.
  • Think of tightening the Lats (Armpit area) and Quickly HIKE the Kettlebell between the legs high into the groin.
  • When you hike the kettlebell between the legs, do not change the angle of your torso or raise your hips by extending your knees. Stay in that bent over HINGE position as you HIKE the Kettlebell.
  • Practice just the Hike portion of this movement for 5 to 7 repetitions at a time.
  • After the Kettlebell swings between your legs, place the kettlebell back in front of you on the floor exactly you had it in the START position. Pause, make sure you are in the perfect deadlift posture, and do the hike pass again.
  • Keep in mind that this is not the Kettlebell Swing movement in its entirety. You are just working on the LOADING aspect of the swing. Next Newsletter you will learn how to complete the entire swing.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter where will go into TIP # 3 on mastering the Kettlebell Swing.

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