Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop


About Primal Speed:

Primal Speed, a “movement” based system, is designed to restore basic human power, movement and function as well as to enhance the full spectrum of human movement through training in sprint bio-mechanics, with the use of sprinting games and awareness drills.

The ultimate goal of Primal Speed is to teach participants how to cultivate their ability to respond, react and move with speed, quickness and power, regardless of the situation, activity or environment.

Primal Speed principles emphasize safety, health and sustainability and educate people of all ages and abilities on how to move their bodies the way they were intended to move, in addition to creating faster athletes.

Presented by Franz Snideman, Primal Speed Co-Creator and Chief Instructor

The Details:

When – Saturday August 9, 2014

What Time – 9am – 5pm

Where – Revolution Fitness, La Jolla, California


What You Will Learn:

• Primal Speed Sprinting Mechanics and associated Drills

• Acceleration

• Array of starts

• The role of Body Mechanics in Acceleration

• Deceleration

• How to Decelerate safely and quickly in various positions

• The importance of Deceleration in relation to Acceleration

• Mechanics of Cutting

• Cutting Edge Training Tools to support Sprinting

• Benefits, Techniques and Importance

• Practical Experience of Techniques and Exercises

• Maximum Velocity

• How to design effective and safe Sprint training programs for clients.

• How to implement Sprint training in GROUP settings

• Assessments – Including FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

• Importance in SHORT DISTANCE training (10m, 20m and 30) in sports and general health

• Jumping and Landing Mechanics

• Primal Speed Sprinting Games

Participants will receive all training manuals on the day of the course.

For more information, visit the Primal Speed Website.

CLICK THIS LINK to register for the course!

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