Try this Challenging Mobility Drill



As the fitness industry continues to progress and evolve, a growing trend I see is the increase in training mobility through movement. Most progressive trainers know that training movement patterns is the key to helping people live more athletic and pain free lives. This is a trend that I whole heartedly like to see and I am big proponent of getting people better at basic body weight movements such as:

  • Crawling (all variations)
  • Rolling
  • Basic Tumbling
  • Skipping
  • Sprinting
  • Pull ups and Chin ups
  • Dips
  • Handstand variations
  • Jumping
  • and more…..

I see basic mobility training as learning a new language. Think of Movement as a LANGUAGE. The less movement you do and the fewer movements you can perform well, the more limited your vocabulary. The better your movement skills and more ranges and positions you can move into, the greater your vocabulary.  If you MOVE WELL and move well in MANY WAYS… have a STRONG MOVEMENT VOCABULARY.


To expand your movement vocabulary try this mobility drill called the “Kick Through.”



In the coming months I will be sharing many forms of basic body weight mobility movements that I highly encourage you to practice to improve your movement vocabulary and movement capacity.

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