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10/10  A tremendous increase in my energy level

I have been attending the classes for close to a year now, and can honestly say the changes in my body shape, plus a tremendous increase in my energy level have been most welcome. I’m always looking for evidence to support any claims. In this instance, I feel like I am the walking data point.


Natali Minassian – La Jolla, CA

10/10 I look forward to going each day

Prior to joining Revolution Fitness, I had been in a severe car accident that caused quite a bit of damage to my upper back, chest and neck. After over a year of therapy, I unfortunately had no upper body strength. I gradually started working out at home, but wanted something a bit more intense that provided guidance on how to appropriately start strengthening those muscles again.

Franz, Jim and other instructors were so helpful throughout this process. I went from not being able to do any of the movements with kettlebells to being sufficient at swings, snatches, windmills, and get ups. I can now do chin ups, squat 65 to 85 pounds, and deadlift 90 to 130 pounds. This class inspires me. I look forward to going each day. I look forward to the interaction with the instructors and those who attend. I went from being intimidated and dreading classes to looking forward to the challenges each instructor sets for me and trying to surpass those challenges.

Natali Minassian – La Jolla, CA

Stephen and Guy / San Diego

10/10 They don’t offer 11… 

Having all the proper equipment, being extremely educated and supportive, and having a passionate outlook on life that is surpassed by none, Franz makes exercise a pleasure and a challenge for my father and me. Before coming to Franz’s gym I would spend hours pushing weights which didn’t do a whole lot for me besides waste time. Training with Franz only 2 times a week will bring anybody to the next level. I look forward to our sessions everytime I come home from college.

SSgt Philip Davis / Nellis AFB, NV

10/10 Natural Leader

I spent a couple of weeks in San Diego and decided to stop by the Revolution Fitness Center while I was there and boy am I glad I did!!!! Franz and his wife run a very professional studio out of the La Jolla suburb. He is a natural teacher with a very open and friendly personality. He is a genuinely nice guy and actually cares about his students which is evident when he spends as much time as necessary with them to make sure they understand and do things correctly. He has a passion for his job and is definitely not in it for the money. He’s a small guy (I’m in the “small guy” club too), but is very strong. Don’t let his stature fool you.

Franz and Yoanna were very hospitable during my stay in San Diego and were accomadating to my schedule by allowing me to use their facility outside of class time. Although they never met me, their naturally friendly and welcoming personalities made me feel right at home like I’ve known them for years. The next time I’m in San Diego, I’m heading straight to La Jolla for some more pain!!

Josh Jenkins-Robbins / San Diego

10/10 Franz is Incredible 

Working with Franz is an incredible experience. In my many years of training I have never encountered someone so knowledgeable about the human body. He is also a wonderful person and a lot of fun to boot!

Vincent Mays, RKC / Santa Clara, CA USA

10/10 RKC Courtesy At Its Best

While working away from home in San Diego, I was in need of a workout and the use of some Kettlebells. So I took Franz and Yoana up on their invitation to visit their fitness center, Revolution Fitness Center in La Jolla, CA. Well needless to say, Franz and Yoana invited me to attend their 6PM class at no charge. I accepted and got the workout of my life, next to my RKC weekend of course. Franz challenged the class and me during the entire workout. His ability to motivate and encourage the class during tough sets was exceptional. These two world-class RKC’s showed me the best hospitality I’ve ever experienced at a privately owned fitness center. They opened up their business to me in the fullest and offered support in enhancing my own business, my website, and much more. These two RKC’s showed RKC courtesy like no one else, truly world-class people.

Richard J / San Diego, Ca

10/10 World Class Trainer 

Franz is a world class trainer who I have worked with for the past 8 years. I am in my mid fifties now and I have never been stronger. I met Franz when I had a bad back and he has strengthened my core and the rest of my body so well that I have not had any back issues since I started working out with him. By changing my program every 2 months, he continues to strengthen my entire body and I feel great!

Teresa Salkin / California, USA

10/10 Skilled and Mature Trainer

I am a sixty year old healthy woman who came to Franz 2 years ago looking to increase my strength and fitness. I was nervous about using a young trainer who may not understand the body of an older woman. From the beginning I was impressed with Franz’s knowledge of the human body and his attention to my particular needs. He never overworked me and yet little by little he has pushed me beyond what I ever thought possible for myself. I love to compare the weights I was lifting at the beginning and what I can do now(although this is not necessary)I like having a personal best! Franz teaches and explains everything we do and this is invaluable. In 2 years I have gained strength in my arms,legs,back and other places. My balance has improved considerably and my overall feeling of empowerment is greater. I walk tall and feel strong and plan to stick with Franz for a long long time.

Helen H. / San Diego, CA

10/10 Franz is the Real Deal 

I’ve never had a boring workout with Franz. He has a “right for me” approach to training that ensures that I get the maximum benefit from the exercises in my personalized progam. I love the fact that the exerices that I’m given are dynamic, challenging, therapeutic and specially tailored for my needs and abilities. Having worked with Franz on and off for 6 years, I’ve learned the importance of having a strong core, maintaining good form, and that anything can be used as an exercise torture device (smile). Franz is always on the cutting edge of exercise equipment. Long before the balance balls appeared in gyms, Franz had me working out with one. Since then I’ve learned how to use kettlebells, tornado balls, and balance boards. Franz talks the talk and walks the walk. He comes up with his own innovative exercises and he’s always attending seminars to further his knowledge. The biggest bonus is that Franz is easy to approach and talk with. He is a great coach and an even more excellent trainer.

Mike Provost, RKC / Reno, NV

10/10 Excellent Team Leader/Instructor 

I had the good fortune of having Franz as my Team Leader at the June 2K7 RKC. His instructing style is the perfect blend of supportive/knowledgable/firm. He’s there to help you, but at the same time it’s made clear that there’s work to do. He does this with out ever being negative in any way, shape or form. No yelling, no “hard-@ss” scare tactics, just open communication and solid work ethic. If you’re in the La Jolla area and are looking for a good instructor, hit him up. I know I will. Thank Franz!



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