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Tips To Safe Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

A great way to mix up your exercise program and keep things challenging is by introducing kettlebells. Great for stablizing your core and giving your heart and entire body a fantastic workout, with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla, you can achieve great flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and feel stronger too. Although originally seen as an […]

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Get up and go! Motivate yourself to get into the gym

Getting up and finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym every day can be tough, but as soon as you start, you’ll quickly get the fitness bug. There is nowhere better to start building the body you want than in Revolution Fitness gym in La Jolla. Whether you want to be beach beautiful, […]

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Get an All-Round Workout with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

Kettlebells are a great way to get a fat-burning, intensive workout without investing too much time or money. Here are some reasons why Kettlebell Training in La Jolla is such a great idea: Kettlebells are great fat burners One of the best ways to burn calories (and fat), a kettlebell provides you with an intense […]

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Chillis Boost Your Weight Loss in La Jolla

Alongside your usual healthy diet and food choices, Revolution Fitness have found that the addition of chillies and peppers can have a number of effects on your body to aid with weight loss in La Jolla. Chillies and peppers have been shown to boost the body’s metabolic rate and actively help the body to burn […]

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A Quick Introduction to Crossfit in La Jolla

Strength and conditioning work forms the basis of training for Crossfit in La Jolla, which aims to give you a broad and general fitness program. Crossfit consists of completing a circuit of exercises in as short a time as possible. The workouts last for between five and twenty minutes and are explosive and fast, something […]

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