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Tips To Safe Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

A great way to mix up your exercise program and keep things challenging is by introducing kettlebells. Great for stablizing your core and giving your heart and entire body a fantastic workout, with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla, you can achieve great flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and feel stronger too. Although originally seen as an […]

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Get an All-Round Workout with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

Kettlebells are a great way to get a fat-burning, intensive workout without investing too much time or money. Here are some reasons why Kettlebell Training in La Jolla is such a great idea: Kettlebells are great fat burners One of the best ways to burn calories (and fat), a kettlebell provides you with an intense […]

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A Quick Introduction to Crossfit in La Jolla

Strength and conditioning work forms the basis of training for Crossfit in La Jolla, which aims to give you a broad and general fitness program. Crossfit consists of completing a circuit of exercises in as short a time as possible. The workouts last for between five and twenty minutes and are explosive and fast, something […]

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