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Enhance Your Training with Krav Maga

Revolution Fitness Now Offers Krav Maga Classes Krav Maga Self Defense Classes Revolution Fitness believes that Krav Maga is an excellent compliment to our training system as it encompasses the “FUNCTION”, “STRENGTH,” and “MOBILITY” qualities that is Revolution.  Refine your body mechanics, posture, breathing and mental strength all vital to a powerful Kettlebell practice while […]

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1-Day Kettlebell Course

TUNE UP YOUR KETTLEBELL TECHNIQUE Improve your Kettlebell Mastery by attending our one day Kettlebell Course on July 26, 2014. This course is great for beginners and for more advanced kettlebell users as we will be focusing on mastering the fundamentals of the following movements: The Swing The Get Up The Press The Squat The best […]

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Best Training Program = MINIMALISM

What is the Best Training Program out there? The Answer: a program  you will actually do! I get this question all the time and my answer is always the same. At the end of the day, the program that you will put in your calendar and do is the one I recommend. And if you […]

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Get up and go! Motivate yourself to get into the gym

Getting up and finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym every day can be tough, but as soon as you start, you’ll quickly get the fitness bug. There is nowhere better to start building the body you want than in Revolution Fitness gym in La Jolla. Whether you want to be beach beautiful, […]

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Get an All-Round Workout with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

Kettlebells are a great way to get a fat-burning, intensive workout without investing too much time or money. Here are some reasons why Kettlebell Training in La Jolla is such a great idea: Kettlebells are great fat burners One of the best ways to burn calories (and fat), a kettlebell provides you with an intense […]

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