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Enhance Your Training with Krav Maga

Revolution Fitness Now Offers Krav Maga Classes Krav Maga Self Defense Classes Revolution Fitness believes that Krav Maga is an excellent compliment to our training system as it encompasses the “FUNCTION”, “STRENGTH,” and “MOBILITY” qualities that is Revolution.  Refine your body mechanics, posture, breathing and mental strength all vital to a powerful Kettlebell practice while […]

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Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop

About Primal Speed: Primal Speed, a “movement” based system, is designed to restore basic human power, movement and function as well as to enhance the full spectrum of human movement through training in sprint bio-mechanics, with the use of sprinting games and awareness drills. The ultimate goal of Primal Speed is to teach participants how […]

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1-Day Kettlebell Course

TUNE UP YOUR KETTLEBELL TECHNIQUE Improve your Kettlebell Mastery by attending our one day Kettlebell Course on July 26, 2014. This course is great for beginners and for more advanced kettlebell users as we will be focusing on mastering the fundamentals of the following movements: The Swing The Get Up The Press The Squat The best […]

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Mastering the Kettlebell Swing Part I

The Kettlebell Swing is a powerful exercise that not only burns fat, builds muscle and increases stamina, but it also help you function better in every way.  At our training facility Revolution Fitness, the Gold Standard of high athletic functioning is to be able to perform Kettlebell Swings. Why? Because for most people the Kettlebell […]

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