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Get up and go! Motivate yourself to get into the gym

Getting up and finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym every day can be tough, but as soon as you start, you’ll quickly get the fitness bug. There is nowhere better to start building the body you want than in Revolution Fitness gym in La Jolla. Whether you want to be beach beautiful, […]

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Chillis Boost Your Weight Loss in La Jolla

Alongside your usual healthy diet and food choices, Revolution Fitness have found that the addition of chillies and peppers can have a number of effects on your body to aid with weight loss in La Jolla. Chillies and peppers have been shown to boost the body’s metabolic rate and actively help the body to burn […]

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Diet and Exercise is the Key to Weight Loss in La Jolla

Wouldn’t it be great if exercise alone meant we could indulge in all our favourite treats every day? Or if eating a healthy diet meant we could skip those early morning gym sessions in favor of a lie in? Sadly, the only way to achieve and maintain sustained levels of fitness and health is by […]

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