Tips To Safe Kettlebell Training in La Jolla


A great way to mix up your exercise program and keep things challenging is by introducing kettlebells. Great for stablizing your core and giving your heart and entire body a fantastic workout, with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla, you can achieve great flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and feel stronger too.

Although originally seen as an exercise fad, kettlebell training has now overtaken free weights as the best way to get your pump on. With the advice and support of the experienced trainers at Kettlebell Training in La Jolla, you can learn how to incorporate kettlebells into your workout for maximum calorie burn and increased muscle tone. Not just for guys, these amazing weights can torch up to 500 calories per half hour session, and are great for getting toned arms, lean legs and sexy abs.

The three top tips from Kettlebell Training in La Jolla¬†are to make sure your feet are planted parallel and firmly to the ground, lifting the weight with your abs and not your lower back, which can cause injury. Secondly, when swinging the kettlebell, make sure you have a relaxed grip so your elbows aren’t locked. It is vital you stay in control of the motion, don’t try and rescue a bad swing and don’t get too ambitious by lifting a weight that is just too heavy as this will impair your swing and only cause damage. T

hirdly, as tempting as it can be to push yourself, remember to build up your kettlebell workouts slowly. Pushing your muscles past the limit of fatigue is only going to cause damage, so build up your resistance slowly and stick to the routine prescribed by your trainer to enjoy the maximum benefits of these great weights.

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