Get up and go! Motivate yourself to get into the gym


Getting up and finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym every day can be tough, but as soon as you start, you’ll quickly get the fitness bug. There is nowhere better to start building the body you want than in Revolution Fitness gym in La Jolla. Whether you want to be beach beautiful, lose weight or just generally improve your fitness, the first step is finding the motivation and determination to head to the gym.


Set yourself targets, whether weight loss, stamina increase or maybe you’re training for an event, and then find ways to reward yourself when you do go to the gym and hit your targets – treating yourself to a new pair of trainers or gym clothes is a great motivator. Routine is pretty important when it comes to motivating yourself to go to one of the gym in La Jolla, so maybe work out a gym schedule and make yourself stick to it; that way it will quickly become fixed in your mind, so much so that you won’t even think about it, and grabbing your gym bag will soon become habit.


Work out a personal training regime, either by yourself or with a personal trainer at one of the gym in La Jolla to figure out what areas you want to focus on, whether cardio, weights or fitness classes such as yoga or aerobics, which can be a great way to meet new people.


Sometimes getting yourself to the gym can seem like a chore, but arranging to go with a friend can make a world of difference. That way it doesn’t seem like so much effort, and it’s a great excuse to meet up, have a fun and intense work out and then you can catch up over a smoothie afterwards.

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