The month of March, Revolution Fitness is holding its ten thousand swing challenge. Our participants or “challengers” will attempt to get 10,000 swings starting Monday, March 1st and ending Saturday, March 31st. This is an event we have every year at this time, but we have made a couple of changes.

This year we have challenged two studios in the southern California area; North Beach Kettlebells and Pacific Beach Kettlebells to a total studio swing challenge. We have also decided to make this a charitable event and we have chosen the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF). The CAF helps “all people with physical challenges and supports their athletic endeavors by providing unparalleled sports opportunities that lead to success in sports-and in life”.

In addition, if a challenger brings in a friend to Revolution Fitness, we will train that friend (for free) in the art of swinging a kettlebell while the challenger is working on attaining their goal. And if that friend signs up for one of our packages, we will give that challenger $100 in “Revo Bucks” toward a Revolution Fitness product.

All challengers will be encouraged to get sponsors and /or sponsor themselves. If the challenger reaches their goal of 10,000 swings, the sponsor will donate their pledge to CAF. Also, Revolution Fitness will donate an additional $20.00 for every Revolution Fitness sponsored challenger that reaches their goal of 10,000 swings in March.

Here is an opportunity to hone your swing, burn some calories and help a charitable organization like CAF. So come on and join us for this fun event.

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