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Primal Move Flow Warm Up

Primal Move Flow Warm Up We get many questions on what is the best warm up to do for a training session. The answer is that there is not a “BEST” warm up out there. However, there are certain qualities and movements that we feel are very beneficial to increase mobility, coordination and develop strong […]

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Mastering the Kettlebell Swing Part II

The Kettlebell Swing is a powerful exercise that not only burns fat, builds muscle and increases stamina, but it also help you function better in every way.  Here is the second TIP in perfecting your Kettlebell Swing: TIP #2 Learn to Load the Hips with the Hike Pass In the first tip we talked about the […]

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Are Abs Built in the Kitchen?

True or False: ABS are built in the kitchen? True. Abs are built in the kitchen and in the gym. If you are doing one but not the other, you are missing out on maximizing your results. If you are kicking butt in the gym and just aren’t seeing the results in your body like […]

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