Trouble with your Single Leg Deadlift?

The ability to move from your hip joints is one of the most essential skills to master. Better hip function will improve athletic performance, prevent lower back pain and overall keep your body functioning well. In the movement world we call this movement a “Hip Hinge” or a “Deadlift.”  Exercises like Kettlebell Swings, Cleans and […]

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Isometric Crawl Position Drill

Becoming an adult hopefully brings more wisdom but unfortunately for many it  means less movement, less time playing and less time exploring movement on the ground. Strength coach Chip Conrad calls this “Adulticide,” and it symbolizes the death of our inner child or the part of our character and identity that loves to play.  I […]

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Primal Speed Sprinting Course

  Primal Speed Sprinting Course How to Master the Essentials of Sprinting– and Dramatically Boost your Athleticism to an Elite Level. Former collegiate sprinter and Senior SMK Franz Snideman reveals the top methods of speed training in this power packed one day workshop.   Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop When: May 28th , 2016 10am – […]

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Primal Move Flow Warm Up

Primal Move Flow Warm Up We get many questions on what is the best warm up to do for a training session. The answer is that there is not a “BEST” warm up out there. However, there are certain qualities and movements that we feel are very beneficial to increase mobility, coordination and develop strong […]

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