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Tips To Safe Kettlebell Training in La Jolla

A great way to mix up your exercise program and keep things challenging is by introducing kettlebells. Great for stablizing your core and giving your heart and entire body a fantastic workout, with Kettlebell Training in La Jolla, you can achieve great flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and feel stronger too. Although originally seen as an […]

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Get up and go! Motivate yourself to get into the gym

Getting up and finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym every day can be tough, but as soon as you start, you’ll quickly get the fitness bug. There is nowhere better to start building the body you want than in Revolution Fitness gym in La Jolla. Whether you want to be beach beautiful, […]

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StrongFirst Kettebell User Course

StrongFirst Kettelbell User Course April 5,2014 Chicago, IL StrongFirst Kettelbell Course is being held at Revolution Fitness in La Jolla.  Come join us for an empowering day of strength and learning.  Registration here:

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